Tonight is lit candles and and an over-sized plaid shirt and cup after cup of black coffee and talking on the phone with my favorite boy and listening to Warpaint and I feel at peace for the first time in god knows how long and I am so so content with this. 

Anonymous: Do you feel like the tumblr generation is too wrapped up in creating pseudo-jobs (such as craftswoman, storyteller) to get them out of having to get actual jobs, and if so, how might this phenomenon affect society at large in the future?


Let me clarify something with you.

I am the sole proprietor of a small business. It is a registered business in the state of Illinois. I pay taxes, I have a separate business bank account, a nifty certificate just like yours and I pay myself just as any employers would pay their employees.

Within my job as a business owner alone, I am experienced in the following: designing and producing products, investing in other small businesses and artists therefore providing jobs, work and exposure, product photography, styling, customer service, web design, market management, business administration, creative directing, communications, branding, writing and editing and so, so much more. On the side, I work as a freelance illustrator and photographer. My go-to description of “story-telling” is an actual job. I research, teach classes and facilitate workshops on connection, the human experience, emotional trauma, etc. I use letter-writing and sharing my own hardships as a guide to help others talk about what it is that they’re experiencing. Even if I didn’t get hired to hold these workshops, I do it because it gives me purpose and I feel as though I am serving in some way, shape or form. These are all valuable skills that I have gained, learned and created for myself.

Also, please educate yourself on how critical and essential small businesses are to our economy. Really. Type in “how small businesses effect our economy” into Google. Do your research. Look up how many jobs small businesses create in the United States alone. The SBA’s Office of Advocacy literally calls small businesses “the heart of the American economy.” I’m sorry but the world doesn’t consist of just office jobs. We live in an ever-advancing, creative and technological world, and the world as you know it wouldn’t exist without creativity; without people bending the rules a little bit. We’re created to advance and adjust as our surroundings and circumstances do. If this is what our economy is calling for, then yes, we’re going to do it. So long as entrepreneurs, freelances and small businesses keep doing what we’re doing, and the more we educate folks who have perspectives like this, our future will be a bit brighter than we left it.